Google Grow your site with an accurate AMP version

Clone your website into AMP format, which Google now prioritizes in the search results. It's an easy win for growth, and Ampify makes it easy.

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AMP is quickly adopted by the biggest


Ranks higher, Loads faster

Ampified sites get an average of 32% more visits, and load almost instantaneously

Identical to the source

Ampify preserves the design, UX, functionality and analytics of your site

Minimal touch, full control

Manage every aspect of your AMP site, without having to develop AMP

Make the most of AMP, easily

Ampify's robust conversion algorithm solves the million-piece puzzle required to turn each individual element and all elements combined in every webpage to AMP-supported.

Site changes and content updates are continuously mirrored in your AMP site

Basic Sites

Accurate clonining of static websites to AMP
$ 49
  • Single Domain
  • Up to 300 static site pages
  • Full developer tool usage
  • Up to 2,000 monthly visitors

Advanced Sites

AMP cloning of ecommerce, content and dynamic sites
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  • Unlimited site pages
  • Multiple domain
  • Dynamic content support
  • Advanced components conversion
  • Custom developer account
  • Ampify professional support hours
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Work On Your AMP Pages Without Requiring Any AMP Development

Ampify's platform and its simple developer interface enable you to create and maintain your AMP pages without requiring any AMP development, cutting down dev efforts to bare minimum

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